Train Tilting Systems

Train Tilting
Train Tilting Systems

Electromechanical active tilting technology for high-speed rail systems

Tilting trains operating on high-speed rail systems require motion control that enables exceptionally precise and responsive movements in a range of operational areas. Found on both high-speed rail systems and legacy lines, tilt trains are designed to tilt carriages into the curve of the track. The tilting action of the car body compensates for the force experienced by passengers inside, particularly when rounding curves at a high rate of speed.

While meant to help reduce the effects of centrifugal force, car body tilting can still cause some passengers to experience nausea and discomfort. However, the use of active tilting technology can "force" the body of a train to tilt at specific times and angles based on track information, maximizing passenger comfort without losing speed around curves.

Passenger comfort and safety are key

The most significant benefit of high-precision train tilting technology is pretty apparent. When the train tilts to the exact angle needed to minimize rocking motions as it hurtles around curves at high speeds, the people and objects inside the train cars remain safe and stable.  The benefits of high-precision train tilting systems don't stop there. With the right train-tilting system, railway operators have new opportunities to:

  • Accelerate operations
  • Optimize operating costs
  • Ensure reliability

Curtiss-Wright motion control systems provide the stability required for a variety of high-speed applications.

  • Tilting systems that maintain car stability and optimize passenger comfort when high-speed trains travel around curves
  • Active actuation systems for bogies and wagons
  • Lane stabilization for trains

Stabilize Payloads in Motion

Our scalable motion control systems go beyond the train tracks. Explore our range of systems developed and manufactured for complex and demanding industrial applications.

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Increase safety and comfort on high-speed rail systems

Our train tilting systems use a combination of sensors and train-tilting computers to almost imperceptibly tilt each car at an angle of ±8° as high-speed trains round curves in the track.  The system’s highly engineered precision tilting technology enables exceptionally responsive tilting that produces smooth car body movements to maintain stability in passenger compartments at all times.

Reduce travel times by maintaining a higher curve speed

With a train tilting system from Curtiss-Wright, rail operators can avoid slowing down high-speed trains as they round curves to enable safer, more comfortable passenger travel and maintain schedules.

Accelerate development and upgrades, even on legacy lines

Curtiss-Wright’s high-speed tilting train mechanisms are no exception to our modular approach to motion control systems. Built using a flexible suite of rugged and field-proven components, our tilting drive systems consist of proven building blocks and are a result of advanced processes that enable integrators to jump-start system development and reduce risks.

This approach to system design offers integrators the flexibility needed in system upgrades or in the replacement of obsolete components, to replace only the components they need. Whether you are developing a new tilting system or upgrading an existing one, we work in close collaboration with you to develop a completely customized solution based on your requirements.

Take reliable, high-precision tilt technology to almost any location

Our trusted, proven train tilting systems have been used safely on high-speed trains over hundreds of millions of miles. Key safety features, such as automatic return to a safe state if failures occur, are incorporated into every system. We thoroughly test every component in every system to not only ensure they meet essential safety requirements and functional safety standards, but also perform reliably and accurately in the most severe conditions.