LV-HV-DCC DC/DC Converter

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High-voltage modular DC/DC converters with intelligent safety power management

Curtiss-Wright`s LV-HV-DCC DC/DC converter systems combines a rugged and reliable modular design with the latest power management technology. They generate higher voltages while meeting high-safety standards.

Curtiss-Wright’s LV-HV-DCC line of modular scalable DC/DC converters are designed for deployed applications that demand higher configurable voltage levels of up to 750V. Our DC/DC converters can be easily modified to specific customer needs thanks to a modular design.

Each DC/DC converter has high-speed and low-latencyRS-422/RS-485, CAN bus, and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces that enables seamless integration into different architectures and environments.

In addition, the converters comply with functional safety requirements, such as, MIL-PFR-GC600A, ISO-6469, and further international standards. The standard setup includes a SIL 2 emergency stop, a high-voltage interlock, a galvanic isolated power stage, and an isolation fault monitoring system.

To accelerate system development and integration, Curtiss-Wright products ship with a user-friendly service application. The graphical user interface allows users to easily configure, optimize, and integrate the DC/DC converters with just a few clicks.

All converters are designed and tested to withstand the most demanding of environmental requirements, e.g., temperature, vibration, and shock, with a focus on a long mean time before failure mean time between failures (MTBF) to maximize mission life.

Key Features

  • DC/DC converter for higher voltage generation
  • Rugged and reliable modular design
  • Energy management of input/output parameters (including power, voltage, and current
  • Bi-directional conversion
  • Safety features include:
    • SIL 2 Emergency Stop
    • High voltage interlock (power-cut in less than 0.1 sec)
    • Galvanic isolated power stage
    • Isolation fault monitoring system


  • Air, ground, and naval platforms, including fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, tanks, mobile radar station, cranes, trucks, excavators, war ships, and submarines
  • General-purpose low- to high-voltage electronic systems


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LV-HV-DCC DC/DC Converter

Download Data Sheet
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