PacStar 421

PacStar 421 eXtended Radio Interoperability (XRI)
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The Curtiss-Wright PacStar 421 expands the PacStar 400-Series family of tactical computing modules to include radio gateway services for both modern and legacy radios.

When combined with REDCOM Sigma®, it bridges the gap between disparate radio systems used by military units, government agencies, and public safety organizations. This powerful combination creates a full-featured Command and Control (C2) platform where radio users can communicate directly with users on any RoIP/VoIP/SIP endpoint and radios can be controlled and patched together on-the-fly via the REDCOM C2 Console app.

Intelligent radio Interoperability

  • Features 4 built in radio interfaces
  • Agnostic to radio make, model, encryption, and waveform
  • Works with virtually any public safety or tactical Radio
  • Communicate seamlessly over multiple nets, including VHF, UHF, HF, SATCOM, and TSM
  • Configurable PTT signaling mode per port per caller
  • Supports patches, dialed calls and independent monitoring

TSMTM radio integration

  • IP-based integration of individual talk groups on a TSM (RF mesh) network via a single donor Trellisware TSM radio
  • Support for up to 32 talk groups configured on the TSM network
  • Native support for AMR 5.9 and MELPe codecs on TSM Networks
  • TSM Talk Group can be bridged together with other TSM talk groups, radio nets and SIP endpoints

Support for various C2 ecosystems

  • Gives the warfighter flexibility to connect numerous disparate IP and RF Comms endpoints
  • Provides warfighters with a C2 platform (voice, video, chat) for lower echelons that do not rely on higher HQ
  • Enables stand-alone comms in DIL (disconnected, intermittent, limited) environments
  • Provides warfighters with the ability to interoperate in the CJADC2 (Combined Joint All Domain Command & Control) theater

Key Features

  • Integrates virtually any public safety or tactical radio into REDCOM Sigma deployments
  • Features four radio interfaces to allow seamless communications over multiple nets
  • Configurable PTT signaling modes per port and per caller with support for patches, dialed calls, and independent monitoring
  • TSM support: monitor and control multiple TSM talk groups simultaneously
  • Mobile client integration with the REDCOM Secure Client app


  • Where there is a need to bridge the gap between disparate radio systems used by various agency organization
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PacStar 421 eXtended Radio Interoperability (XRI)
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