TCG Adaptable Tactical Data Link Router (ATR)

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Standards-Compliant Link 16 Adapter and Routing Device

For on-demand dynamic Link 16 connectivity and routing

Curtiss-Wright’s TCG ATR occupies a singular position in the market to guarantee seamless connectivity of multiple Link 16 network interfaces while maintaining a highly scalable hardware design and affordable price.

  • Comprehensive Link 16 routing
  • Extensive interface support
  • Flexible hardware design

TCG ATR’s advanced and highly configurable design allows for effective routing of Link 16 and multiple other tactical data link protocols. The solution offers multiple terminal and interface support and is equipped with the tools to manage and monitor messages efficiently. It’s an affordable alternative to more powerful alternatives such as TCG BOSS and TCG GTS, being available at a lower price point, but with the quality required for your battlefield TDL routing operations.

Comprehensive Link 16 routing

TCG ATR provides dynamic Link 16 connectivity and routing. Equipped with advanced hardware and software interfaces, it can perform real-time message monitoring, traffic recording, and routing, while also being compatible with more advanced systems such as TCG BOSS or TCG GTS.

Extensive interface support

Given its highly scalable hardware design, TCG ATR is capable of operating multiple interfaces simultaneously. A wide array of network interfaces are available, supporting various data link standards including, Link 16, SADL, SIMPLE, JREAP-A, and JREAP-C. Multiple interface configurations are available based on how many interface types you want to run.

Flexible hardware design

The router runs on a laptop or desktop computer, or a rack-mounted server based on your routing needs for airborne, land, and naval platforms and to smoothly operate with a variety of physical interfaces. Ruggedized hardware is also available.

Key Features

  • On-demand dynamic Link 16 connectivity and routing
  • Link 16 MIDS, JTRS, SADL, STT, and TTR terminal support
  • Link 16 JREAP-A, JREAP-C, and SIMPLE support
  • Dynamic interface configuration
  • Complete J-series message support and dynamic routing
  • Message, geographic, transmit/receive, and track data filtering
  • Terminal initialization and control
  • Real-time message monitoring (Link Message Analyzer)
  • Compatible with TCG BOSS and TCG GTS
  • Message traffic record and analysis
  • Upgradable interface support
  • Rackmount, laptop, or desktop configuration



  • Airborne, land, sea-based tactical router
  • Expanded situational awareness from multiple TDLs
  • Cross-link TDL support
  • Tactical situational awareness display
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TCG Adaptable Tactical Data Link Router (ATR)

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