TCG LinkPRO TDL Software

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For High Fidelity TDL Processing and Integration

TCG LinkPRO’s embedded, standards-based TDL software improves tactical communications by alleviating interoperability issues while reducing development time, risk, and expense of TDL integration.

  • Flexible TDL processing capability
  • Field-proven throughout the world
  • Minimal hardware requirements

TCG LinkPRO's processing engine optimizes TDL processing, integration, and communication while lowering lifecycle maintenance costs for programs worldwide. With terminal and interface support to a variety of terminals and communication protocols such as Link 22, Link 16, Link 11, SADL, VMF, and JREAP, TCG LinkPRO ensures reliable communication between all link participants.

Flexible TDL processing capability

This multi-tactical data link solution is adaptable to any type of tactical host, such as a stand-alone system with a full-featured API or embedded into a host mission software suite facilitated by flexible IP-based host connectivity.

Established use throughout the globe

LinkPRO can be found operating in command and control solutions around the globe. Thanks to its dynamic message routing and low-level protocol off-loading, it’s a fundamental component of operations in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and parts of Asia.

Minimal hardware requirements

Simple in its requirements, LinkPRO runs on most modern systems supporting Windows or Linux.

Key Features

  • Multi-link message processing
  • Embedded, software-only, TDL engine
  • Full-featured API
  • IP-based host connectivity
  • Low-level protocol off-loading
  • Dynamic message routing
  • Automatic R/C, R2, and message responses
  • Multiple Terminal Control
  • MIDS JTRS, STT, TTR, LVT-1, 2, and 3
  • Windows or Linux



  • Tactical data link processing
  • Tactical communications
  • TDL integration
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TCG LinkPRO TDL Software

Download Data Sheet
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