TDL Network Simulation

Tactical Data Link Network Simulation
Tactical Data Link Network Simulation
TDL Network Simulation

Create realistic tactical data link network simulation environments with ease

The need for realistic and effective military training simulations is fundamental to prepare warfighters for the challenges they may face on the field. The TCG portfolio of advanced tactical data link solutions enables the creation of configurable high-fidelity simulations, both real-time or scripted, of the industry’s most prominent data link protocols and standards. A comprehensive, high-fidelity, standards-based TDL simulation capability is critical for testing and validating TDL platform integrations and operations. Our products and services support Link 22, Link 16, Link 11, VMF, CESMO, Cursor-on-Target, SADL, JREAP-A, JREAP-C, Serial-J, DIS, SIMPLE, AIS, ADS-B, and GPS data links, and protocols.

TCG BOSS Battlefield Operations Support System
The industry’s most complete, reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective TDL testing and platform integration solution on the market that provides support for multiple terminals and interfaces and adheres to industry data link standards.
TCG Adjunct Simulation Engine (ASE)
High fidelity, real-time, and configurable simulated tactical data link information for operational and training networks.
TCG GTS Ground Tactical Data Link System
An affordable and combat proven TDL solution with comprehensive situational awareness (SA), command and control (C2) and non-C2 data link capabilities.
TCG Terminal Housing MID JTRS, MIDS LVT, & TTNT
Provides a tactical edge to warfighters with a mobile, compact, and affordable terminal housing case equipped with the technology to meet Link 16 and TTNT communication requirements and supply your program with a complete tactical data link solution.

Curtiss-Wright Updates Network Enabled Weapons Support for Link 16 for the TCG BOSS TDL Network

The TCG BOSS TDL network simulator and exerciser supports new messages and protocols for Link 16 to speed and lower the cost of testing, emulation, and simulation of smart weapons.


The Only Combined TDL Training and Battlefield Solution

TCG GTS is the only system that provides TDL training and simulation, as well as battlefield situational awareness and command-and-control capabilities in a single, moveable system.