TCG Terminal Housing MIDS JTRS, MIDS LVT, & TTNT

TCG Terminal Housing Case
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Multi-Function Single Case Tactical Data Link (TDL) Solution

For Link 16 communication, anywhere

Provide a tactical edge to warfighters with a mobile, compact, and affordable terminal housing case equipped with the technology to meet Link 16 communication requirements and supply your program with a complete tactical data link solution.

  • MIDS JTRS, MIDS LVT1, and TTNT support
  • TCG BOSS® and TCG GTS® Ready
  • Extensive J-Voice capability

TCG Terminal Housing Case solutions, while compact and transportable, offer not only the technology to meet Link 16 communication requirements but the tools required to provide a full-fledged tactical data link solution, with an optional computer, slide-out dual screens, and Link 16 antenna. Moreover, this multi-function solution supports both MIDS JTRS, MIDS LVT1, and TTNT terminals, as well as TCG BOSS and GTS software.

Take your TDL solution to the next level with the TCG Terminal Housing Case:

MIDS JTRS and MIDS LVT1 support

The case, along with its control modules, power supplies, and cable sets, is fully equipped to support both the MIDS LVT1 family and MIDS JTRS terminals. Control and monitoring functions are available locally and remotely with the MIDS Remote Control Unit (MRCU) over an IP network via an intuitive software user interface.

TCG BOSS and TCG GTS ready

By adding TCG GTS software, warfighters have fully operational TDL situational awareness (SA) and control and command (C2) assets available across the battlefield without connectivity degradation.  Adding TCG’s BOSS software provides a complete TDL testing and simulation solution enabling you to test your network before deployment.

Extensive J-Voice capability

The Terminal Voice Control Unit (TVCU) has both local and remote J-Voice capability allowing Link 16 voice to be connected to a remote handset/headset over a secure IP network.


This terminal housing case also supports Tactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT), a tactical waveform integrated into the case. The THC supports the TTNT transport protocol for all Link 16 J-series messages along with voice and video. Additional TTNT power, cooling, and control options are also available.

Key Features

  • MIDS LVT1 family (BU1 and BU2) support
  • MIDS JTRS support
  • TTNT support
  • Single, dual, or triple case
  • MIDS remote control
  • Terminal voice control
  • Remote J-voice



  • Mobile Link 16 communication
  • Link 16, TTNT, Link11, JREAP, SIMPLE, SADL, and DIS operations, training, and tactical display
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TCG Terminal Housing MIDS JTRS, MIDS LVT, & TTNT

TCG Terminal Housing Case
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