TDL Processing Solutions

TDL Processing Solutions
TDL Processing Solutions
TDL Processing Solutions

Data Links Simplified

We simplify tactical data link (TDL) communication with standards-based solutions that are designed to improve tactical communications. Our solutions reduce the time, risk, and expense of TDL implementation and integration, alleviate interoperability issues, and lower lifecycle maintenance costs for militaries and prime contractors worldwide. With support for multiple communication protocols, hosts, and interfaces, our approach to TDL design facilitates interoperability among platforms.

Curtiss-Wright TCG products and services support Link 22, Link 16, Link 11, VMF, CESMO, Cursor-on-Target, SADL, JREAP-A, JREAP-C, Serial-J, DIS, SIMPLE, AIS, ADS-B, and GPS data links, and protocols.

Join us June 4-6 in Burlington, MA, for our annual TCG Users Group (TUG) Meeting.

Focus on Your Mission, Not Your Tactical Data Links

Warfighters need timely and accurate information to enable command and control operations, whether on the ground, in the air, or at sea. We specialize in developing and delivering tactical data link solutions that ensure all personnel access mission-critical information whenever they need it.

Our innovative, standards-based TDL software and hardware solutions seamlessly connect users with their tactical, operational, simulated, or test networks wherever they are. Our solutions include, but are not limited to, tactical data link processing engines, operational support systems, routers, translators, and terminal housing units. Our primary focus is to provide solutions that simplify tactical data link deployment, operations, simulations, testing, and training of operators and warfighters through support for multiple communication protocols, hosts, and interfaces, thus facilitating interoperability among platforms.

TDL Network Simulation, Testing and Validation
Ensure successful, low-risk tactical data link implementations and easily create realistic TDL network simulation environments
TDL Mission Software and Hardware
Enhance your tactical data link communications
Intelligent TDL Gateways
Intelligent TDL gateways that simplify TDL translation and increase communication among platforms
TDL Training & Services
Minimize training time with intuitive tactical data link tools and approaches

The Only Combined TDL Training and Battlefield Solution

TCG GTS is the only system that provides TDL training and simulation, as well as battlefield situational awareness and command-and-control capabilities in a single, moveable system.

TDL Translation Made Easy

With so many different TDL types in use on the modern battlefield, an intelligent, automated, intuitive, mission-oriented TDL Gateway is required.