TCG BOSS® Battlefield Operations Support System

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Key Features

  • Multi-link message processing
  • Track and message simulation
  • Offline and Sim-over-Live scenario generation
  • RF and IFF processing
  • Record/Playback
  • Remote client/server support
  • Real-time Pseudo Track support
  • Terminal Control Wizard (TCW)
  • Network Time Reference (NTR)
  • Network Enabled Weapons (NEW)
  • Desktop, notebook, or rack mount
  • Terminal control and emulation
  • Dynamic message routing and filtering
  • Multi-terminal control


  • Multi-link network simulation
  • Tactical situational display
  • Terminal emulation and control
  • Cockpit display simulation
  • Range training officer support
  • Network monitoring, simulation and testing
ATR Adaptable TDL Router

TCG Adaptable Tactical Data Link Router (ATR)

  For On-Demand Dynamic Link 16 Connectivity and Routing Curtiss-Wright’s TCG ATR occupies a singular position in the market to guarantee seamless connectivity of multiple Link 16...

TCG LinkPRO® Tactical Data Link Processing Software


  For High Fidelity TDL Processing and Integration TCG LinkPRO’s embedded, standards based, TDL software improves tactical communications by alleviating interoperability issues while...

TCG GTS Ground Tactical Data Link System

TCG GTS® Ground Tactical Data Link System

  Comprehensive System for Increased TDL Connectivity Fulfilling the increasing need for secure, reliable, and efficient communication systems in the battlefield, TCG GTS is an...

TCG HUNTR Tactical Data Link Hub and Network Translator

TCG HUNTR TDL Hub and Network Translator

  For Simplified, Fast, and Easy Access to Relevant TDL Data on The Battlefield TCG HUNTR is uniquely positioned to provide military operators on the field with an intelligent...

TCG Adjunct Simulation Engine (ASE)

TCG Adjunct Simulation Engine (ASE)

For Highly Realistic Training Based on Configurable TDL Information Responding to the increasing need for realistic and effective military training to counter today’s varied threats while...

TCG Terminal Housing MID JTRS & MIDS LVT

TCG Terminal Housing MID JTRS & MIDS LVT

For Link 16 Communication, Anywhere Provide a tactical edge to warfighters with a mobile, compact, and affordable terminal housing case equipped with the technology to meet Link 16 communication...


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For TDL Testing and Platform Integration

TCG BOSS is the industry’s most complete, reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective TDL testing and platform integration solution on the market that provides support for multiple terminals and interfaces and adheres to industry data link standards.

  • Advanced simulation and scripting capabilities
  • Intuitive TDL testing user experience
  • Ideal for a multitude of applications

Curtiss-Wright’s TCG BOSS tactical data link testing and platform integration solution allows users to create immersive and realistic simulations, integrating command and control (C2) assets into the test environment. Trusted by prime contractors around the globe such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman, its ease of use and support of multiple TDL standards makes it an indispensable asset to ensure effective TDL communication for warfighters.

Advanced simulation and scripting capabilities

With industry-leading usability, TCG BOSS provides multi-TDL network simulation with comprehensive and quick message scripting and generation. Include network-enabled weapons, threats, targets, and more to simulate realistic scenarios in a matter of minutes.

Intuitive user experience for TDL testing

TCG BOSS requires minimal training to be up and running. Its graphical user interface (GUI) is based on Windows 10 and is coupled with an intuitive TDL interaction approach to network testing, monitoring and simulation to guarantee you spend your time efficiently.

Ideal for a multitude of applications

Excel in a range of different applications, varying from multi-link network and cockpit display simulation to range training officer support. TCG BOSS complies with current data link standards and offers terminal and interface support to key TDL networks including Link 16, Link 11, VMF, SADL, JREAP, SIMPLE, DIS, and more!

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