Intuitive Tactical Data Link Test and Training Solutions for the Modern Warfighter

Curtiss-Wright's TCG Ground Tactical Data Link System (GTS) is a transportable, fully functional tactical data link (TDL) ground station with command and control (C2) capabilities, and is a highly realistic tactical training and simulation system for TDL networks.

TCG GTS® fully embraces “train as you fight” concepts by providing multiple realistic Link 16 and Link 11 networks with virtual C2 assets, targets, threats, and other network traffic as required to develop daily training scenarios supporting specific tactics, techniques, and procedures.  Insertion of simulated data on a localized TDL network provides a sense of realism while reducing reliance on participation of other aircraft, especially low density high demand assets such as airborne early warning (AEW), intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), and tanker aircraft. 

This capability is used by various US and coalition operational forces to simulate assets that are not available for routine training such as AWACS, enemy SAM sites and other friendly, enemy and neutral forces.  A simulated AWACS can be controlled from the ground station with the full transmit and receive library of a live assets including the full complement of C2 messages. 

These messages can be pre-scripted and interactively activated by the GTS operator, providing a robust organic training capability at the squadron or unit level.  Cost savings are further realized through reduced flight hours (assigning friendly forces to enemy roles), operations and maintenance costs.

In addition to participation in and control of live networks, the training capability of TCG GTS can be used to inject a simulated tactical situation for virtually any TDL training environment.  The embedded multi-TDL data link message scripting capability in the server and the optional client workstation (TCG-CW) enables the user to interact with both live and simulated network participants.  The embedded simulator enables a user to generate a simulated tactical scenario and play it over the live network. 

The scenario can be edited in real-time to manipulate any simulated object.  In addition, the user can monitor the network on the tactical situation display and control the operation of the Link-16 terminal, Link 11 DTS, SADL/EPLRS radio, SIMPLE, DIS, or JREAP network(s) remotely from the client workstation.  The display de-clutter/find track feature makes finding track location and data on a busy display much easier. 

TCG GTS’s familiar Windows-based GUI, combined with our own simplified approach to TDL interaction, provides the most intuitive user experience for TDL testing and minimizes training time.

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