Space applications typically put considerable stresses on space data handling due to the harsh environmental conditions and in particular because of the effects of radiation. Mitigating against these effects can be expensive but increasing commercial pressures are putting focus on keeping costs to a minimum for space missions. At the same time, there are various installation challenges that demand flexible systems.

Curtiss-Wright has a well proven range of data acquisition products that use Actel FPGA finite state machine architecture to create Space COTS, radiation tolerant COTS systems and rad hard options. By combining COTS savings with innovative radiation tolerant strategies, systems can be built that meet the needs of the mission at a significantly lower cost. The use of Smart Backplane design and custom modules helps lower weight by removing the need for separate avionics boxes and efficently manging power budeting by turning modules on and off as required.

This approach is proven on multiple Space applications including SpaceX Falcon 9 and Dragon, ESA IXV, ULA Delta V, Rocketlab Electron, EASA Vega-C, Boeing CST-100 and NASA Orion SLS & CRV.

Space COTS Data Acquisition

Space COTS Data Acquisition

Curtiss-Wright's space qualified COTS use highly ruggedized modular systems developed for the demanding flight test environment for use in space applications that balance low cost with high reliability. More>

  • Synchronous sampling of all sensors across the network
  • Robust finite state machine architecture
  • Highly rugged, compact and low power design
Radiation Tolerant COTS Data Acquisition

Radiation Tolerant COTS Data Acquisition

The Smart Backplane chassis are rugged chassis that have been designed specifically with space-related data acquisition, data processing and recording in mind. More>

  • Minimizes power consumption through different mission stages
  • Detects SELs and corrects for normal operation, ensuring reliability
  • Backplane designed using Rad Hard components allowing re-use of COTS plug-in modules, minimizing cost
Radiation Hardened Data Acquisition

Radiation Hardened Data Acquisition

Curtiss-Wright is developing its data acquisition products into a form that provides additional mission critical features and expands the operating envelope. More>

  • Designed to meet specific time reliability requirement of space missions
  • Meets the requirements of high radiation space applications
  • Designed to operate to specification after failures of components

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