When it comes to space vehicle design, whether it is a launcher, a re-entry vehicle or a satellite, the tolerance of on-board electronics to radiation effects becomes one of the most challenging aspects of the design. The Smart Backplane chassis is a rugged DAU that has been designed with space-related data acquisition, data processing and recording in a radiation environment in mind.

Its smart radiation-hardened backplane design allows the use of 100+ plug-in COTS modules in a radiation-intensive environment without the need for those modules to have any in-built radiation protection. In the event of a Single Event Latch-ups (SEL) on a module, the backplane detects this phenomenon and resets the operation of the module. This operation ensures that the potential harmful effects of ionizing radiation (module electronic circuit malfunction) are eliminated. The backplane provides continuous health status information to the on-board mission computer as well as a watchdog capability.

Smart Backplane Chassis

Smart Backplane Chassis

The Smart Backplane chassis has been designed specifically for space-related data acquisition, data processing and recording. More>

  • Backplane designed using Rad-hard components allowing re-use of COTS plug-in modules, minimizing cost
  •  Detects Single Event Latch-Up (SEL) and corrects for normal operation, ensuring reliability
  •  Minimizes power consumption through different mission stages
Data Acquisition Modules

Data Acquisition Modules

Curtiss-Wright data acquisition units (DAUs) utilize modules to create custom systems using COTS elements. Modules are added to a chassis in whatever combination is desired. More>

  • Easily modify or upgrade your system by replacing modules
  • Commercial off-the-shelf flexible design with over 100 plug-in modules
  • Can be used in any combination in any order
Data Acquisition Accessories

Data Acquisition Accessories

Curtiss-Wright data acquisition accessories consist of products that support the data acquisition, recording and networking range. These offerings are augmented through established global partnerships with best in class suppliers to ensure customers always benefit from optimum system performance. More>

  • Cables, connectors and tools
  • Range of additional products to build more complete systems

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