Curtiss-Wright's space qualified COTS use highly ruggedized modular data acquisition and telemetry systems that balance low cost with high reliability and leverage a flight test heritage of 20+ years. Products are manufactured from batch-controlled components, ensuring product traceability, meeting with the demands of space missions, while at the same time minimizing the cost to the end-customer. Typical applications that use space COTS data acquisition includes launch vehicle DAS and space vehicle DAS.

The data acquisition and transmission systems consist of a chassis, a backplane controller and user selected modules. They are driven by hardwired finite state machines with a ‘works once, works always’ operation to make them extremely reliable. This low power design results in less heat and, coupled with its compact size and MIL-SPEC ruggedness, makes it ideal for installing in locations that have limited space are subject to harsh environments. This mature architecture has remained stable for over a decade thanks to the future proof design philosophy. Supporting products include quick access recorders and Ethernet switches.


Data Acquisition Chassis

Data Acquisition Chassis

Curtiss-Wright’s data acquisition units (DAU) are airborne acquisition and transmission systems that utilize chassis with a standard backplane that accepts over 100+ user selected modules. More>

  • 2-13 User-slot Chassis
  • Includes housing, backplane and power supply
  • 16-bit Address/data bus with read/write control lines
Data Acquisition Accessories

Data Acquisition Accessories

Curtiss-Wright data acquisition accessories consist of products that support the data acquisition, recording and networking range. These offerings are augmented through established global partnerships with best in class suppliers to ensure customers always benefit from optimum system performance. More>

  • Cables, connectors and tools
  • Range of additional products to build more complete systems
  • Airborne cameras

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