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Aircraft OEMs and operators who operate with flight data recorders need trusted solutions to meet current regulations and reliable aftersales support to ensure ongoing serviceability, data analysis and downloads, replay hardware and software support, and ongoing training. Curtiss-Wright offers the following services to meet these needs (please contact us for additional information):

  • Data Analysis, processing, and reporting for FDR, CVR, datalink, and image data
    • Curtiss-Wright can download the data from your recorder or simply receive it via a secure download, analyze it and send you a report highlighting any issues with your CVR, FDR, Datalink, or video data including detailed descriptions and screenshots of the data. This can save you time when it comes to your regular maintenance checks.
    • If you can’t afford the downtime of removing your flight data recorder and sending it to us, Curtiss-Wright offers in-field downloads and can send an engineer to you.  In some circumstances, the data can be downloaded without removing the recorder. 
  • Data recovery following an incident
    • In the event of an incident involving damage to the recorder, Curtiss-Wright will fully support accident investigators to ensure the data from the recorder is recovered.  This involves skilled disassembly of the recorder and use of equipment that the memory modules can subsequently be attached to and the data recovered. Curtiss-Wright has a 100% success rate at data recovery for all our crash-protected recorders.
  • PGS user support and maintenance
    • Support for any issues you may be having with the use of PGS via email or phone
    • Updates and patch fixes
    • When the maintenance period is active, you are entitled to
      • Full technical support via email and phone – Our Technical Services team have a wealth of knowledge and experience with all versions of PGS and aim to answer any queries within 24 hours.
      • Free updates and patch fixes - Always have the latest version of PGS with access to any updates/patch fixes that are released at no additional cost.
  • Training for a wide range of subjects
    • PGS replay software, including 3D modeling
    • Data analysis
    • Data downloads
    • Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) / Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) programme implementation
    • Product integration and usage
    • Crash data recovery
  • Parameter database compilation
  • Real-time flight data monitoring
  • Maintenance, overhaul, upgrades, and repair of crash recorders, in-house or in field
  • Advanced mechanical engineering capability including flash memory recovery
  • Consultation for system configuration, system development, and custom requirements
  • Supply of download cables, crash recovery equipment, download, and analysis software


Flight data, voice, datalink and image recording

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Flight Recorder Services