FSM-C (VPX and 100K): Flash Storage Module Carrier

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Key Features

  • 3U, 1” pitch form factor
  • 2.5” SATA SSD (inside)
  • VPX or 100K connector options
  • Conduction-cooled with tool-less wedge locks
  • VITA 48.2 compliant (VPX option only)



  • Direct attached storage (DAS)
  • Data transport to/from deployed vehicle
  • Airborne ISR
  • Ground vehicle C4

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The Flash Storage Module Carrier (FSM-C) provides rugged, removable, solid-state storage in a 1” pitch, 3U format.  With a COTS storage solution like the FSM-C, technical and schedule risk can be reduced for embedded storage applications.

The FSM-C is available in two configurations which are defined by the rear connector.

  • Option 1 is the VPX FSM-C which uses industry standard VITA 48.2 connectors and wiring (VPX).  The SATA interface is provided on the P2 connector.  The VPX connectors are good for approximately 500 insertions.  If compliance to VITA standards is more important than insertion cycles, then this option is the best.   
  • Option 2 is the 100K FSM-C which uses a connector that is good for 100K insertions.  Although it does not meet VITA standards, it does provide a connector good for long program life. This option fits in 3U, 1” pitch slots, but has the unique 100K connector. 

In either configuration (Option 1 or 2), the FSM-C provides direct-attached storage (DAS) for embedded computers in 3U, 1” pitch architectures.  If the embedded computer supports SATA, then the FSM-C can store the data, eliminating the need to worry about drivers, operating systems, or processor types. An FSM-C can be embedded into mission computers, sensor processors, mission recorders, instrumentation recorders, and other similar high-speed systems.

Inside the FSM-C is an industry-standard 2.5” SATA solid-state drive (SSD) which meets the demands of even the most rugged, deployed environments.  With 1TB and 2TB capacities available today, the FSM-C provides significant storage for mission, map, maintenance, and sensor data.  By using an industry-standard SSD, the FSM-C mitigates risks regarding end-of-life (EOL) or diminished manufacturing sources (DMS).  Customers can even buy an empty FSM-C and source their own SSD!

The FSM-C is conduction-cooled for rugged environments.  It uniquely is equipped with tool-less wedge locks for easy removal for transport. 

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