Multi-RMC Docking Station

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Multi-RMC Docking Station
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The Removable Memory Cartridge (RMC) Docking Station provides DTS1 and DTS3 operators a convenient method for pre-mission loading of data(map) onto multiple RMCs.

Key Features

  • Handle multiple RMC at one time
  • Fast download of mission data
  • Fast upload of map data
  • 100K cycle connector for long program life
  • Multiple USB Connections to Host Computer
  • Universal Power Supply


  • Pre Mission Data Upload
  • Post Mission Data Download
  • Multiple Platform Support
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Multi-RMC Docking Station

The Removable Memory Cartridge (RMC) Docking Station provides DTS1 and DTS3 operators a convenient method for pre-mission loading of data (map) onto multiple RMCs. It also supports post-mission retrieval of data (mission, maintenance) recorded on an RMC. Accepting up to 8 RMCs, the download station provides your host computer with access to 32 TB of data simultaneously. All 8 RMC can be accessed by the host computer via four USB interfaces.

The Multi-RMC Docking Station is ideal for mission-deployed applications, offering a fast, efficient method for data transfer between vehicle-mounted Curtiss-Wright NAS systems and ground stations for either mission debrief or maintenance. The RMCs can be used in DTS1 and DTS3 systems providing unmatched flexibility.

For platforms leveraging PXE boot to supply boot files via the DTS1 or DTS3, the Multi-RMC Docking Station allows for easy pre-mission upload of the latest operating systems and applications for all network clients. To support the long lifecycle of the program, the RMC and the Docking Station have been designed with 100,000 insertion cycle connectors that includes a SATA interface.

The RMC docking station is sold as a complete kit and contains all required cabling to connect with a host computer and a universal 110V to 240V AC power supply.