3U VPX High Performance Electronic Warfare Platform

3U VPX High Performance Electronic Warfare Platform

Electronic Warfare applications are more diverse and more demanding than ever, requiring the latest technology within a reduced size, weight and power (SWaP) constrained system. These applications require systems to have substantial low latency processing performance tied to multiple high-resolution channels capable of input in gigasamples per second (GSPS) range.

To make this possible, DSP-centric Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) components are utilized, allowing a wide range of high-speed algorithms to be integrated at the hardware level. In addition, the flexible open architecture hardware allows for the buildup of Software Defined Radio (SDR) system capabilities which pave the way for bidirectional encrypted communication systems.

The MPMC-9321 system provides a configurable, high bandwidth, low latency data path in a compact, low power form factor. It satisfies the most demanding field applications for unmanned aerial and ground vehicles and is a fully qualified and packaged system solution with a range of flexible and rugged processing systems. Overall development time was significantly reduced by using proven rugged COTS technology, combined with Curtiss-Wright's FusionXF development software, which ultimately resulted in a faster time for deployment in the field.

Overall, Curtiss-Wright develops systems that can be readily configured to meet the needs of any military or aerospace requirements, including harsh avionics and vehicular environments, while providing complete hardware and software solutions.

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