Airborne Signal Processing and Display Computer

Airborne Signal Processing and Display Computer

An extended-service marine patrol aircraft required a signal processing and display computer to provide an upgrade in capability and performance.

The chosen solution had to be a flexible and rugged processing system that could be utilized for other applications and on other vehicles. Onboard this aircraft the more usual 28V DC power feed was unavailable for use due to insufficient power capacity as it was already heavily utilized. As a result the new system needed to be powered using a three-phase 115V 400Hz AC supply which is an unusual implementation for a 3U system.

To address the need for the three-phase power input, additional unique requirements associated with an extended service aircraft as well as the dense processing and high-performance graphics requirements – a customized solution was proposed that also included capabilities to support future program needs.

Fully qualified, tailored systems were delivered to the customer incorporating the original requirements plus others that were identified during the development.

As well as the unusual three-phase power supply and other legacy requirements, the system incorporated additional flexibility allowing future deployments to replace the GPU with a fourth SBC.

Clearly defined points of contact for program and technical management from the outset were key to the success of this project.

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