Ship-to-Shore Integrated Fire Control

Ship-to-Shore Integrated Fire Control
Ship-to-Shore Integrated Fire Control
Case Study
May 31, 2021

Ship-to-Shore Integrated Fire Control

With integrated fire control, naval ships in missile defense roles can communicate directly with ground-based Patriot missile batteries. These direct, ship-to-shore communications use tactical data links (TDL), such as link 16, to eliminate the delays when messages are routed across satellite connections, gateways, and TCP/IP networks to central facilities that pass the message along. In the world of ballistic missile defense, saving time also saves lives.

However, training operators in ship-to-shore integrated fire control is highly challenging. Some navies have only one TDL training facility, making it difficult to reserve time on the system. When personnel must travel to a single site worldwide, training time and costs quickly escalate. These restrictions severely limit opportunities to practice these crucial communications.

The challenge is compounded when ships are in the dock being outfitted with integrated fire control technology. Depending on the role the ship plays, adding the technology can be a significant, time-consuming task. If system operators can’t get advance training on the system while the ship is being outfitted, they must wait for the installation to be complete, further delaying the ship’s return to live-action.

Curtiss-Wright understands the need for an easy, efficient, and cost-effective training solution identical to those used during live missions.  Download the case study to learn more about an all-in-one system supporting TDL mission rehearsal and live missions. 

TCG GTS Ground Tactical Data Link System

TCG GTS is a transportable, fully functional Tactical Data Link (TDL) ground station with Command and Control (C2) capabilities, and is also a highly realistic tactical training and simulation system for TDL networks.

A Single TDL Training and Battlefield Operations Solution

Tactical data link (TDL) communication brings critical visibility to the battlefield by providing warfighters easily accessible, sharable, and precise location and identification information of everyone in the combat zone which enables them to make better tactical decisions.