Curtiss-Wright’s Capability in Defense Markets

Video: Curtiss-Wright's Capability in Defense Markets

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions is an industry-leading supplier of highly engineered commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) modules and system-level products designed for deployment in harsh defense environments.

Our standards-based modules and systems deliver real-time data to support critical airborne, ground, and naval missions. We also offer unmatched, comprehensive approaches for mitigating obsolescence, blocking the use of counterfeit parts, and developing product roadmaps that ease the integration of next-generation technologies into legacy systems and new designs.

With Curtiss-Wright, you get products and systems that you can rely on and the confidence that your solutions will contribute to the success of any mission in the air, on land, or at sea. 

Video Transcript

The number of new defense programs is shrinking - so are development times. With Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions' sustained COTS IRAD investment, we can help you jump-start your project and get to the demonstration with proven, qualified technology in a matter of weeks. At Curtiss-Wright, we understand that mission success depends on every platform performing exactly as designed to meet mission objectives. Everything from sensor management to fire control must be reliable, robust, and ready for any situation.

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions delivers solutions built to exceed expectations. We offer the industry's leading range of open architecture COTS products for rugged, deployed applications. To ensure that all critical components work flawlessly, multiple subsystems must be networked and optimized for high performance and engineered from the ground up for rugged applications.

Testing and validating these systems is expensive and time-consuming. We pre-validate our solutions, saving you time and money. Our flexible and open approach to system design lets you manage shifting requirements without cost overruns with the knowledge and confidence that your system solutions have the built-in flexibility to meet future program needs.

For mission-critical applications, failure is not an option. We ensure mission success through engineering innovation and highly integrated solutions that today's warfighter can rely on, all designed with the same attention to detail that defense forces apply to mission planning. Reduced development costs and program risk with mature COTS components based on open system architectures, Curtiss-Wright can also satisfy your safety certifiable and trusted COTS requirements.

Our comprehensive development and deployment approach includes in-house manufacturing in North America and Europe that speeds your time to market, and the industry's best longevity of supply programs to ensure that your system is supported for the full lifespan of your program. We deliver proven reliability designed from the very beginning, but we go further. We don't stop at the full set of standard tests. We go beyond with additional environmental and thermal cycle tests on a range of rugged boards.

With Curtiss-Wright, you get confidence. Confidence that you are getting products and systems you can rely on. And the confidence that your solutions will contribute to the success of any mission in the air, on land, or at sea.