Processor Mezzanines Add Power Without Adding Slots

Processor Mezzanines Add Power Without Adding Slots video

Today’s continued push for smaller and faster is driving innovation. See how processor mezzanines can reduce your risk and time to market while saving you space, power, and money by adding processor density to your application without adding slots.

Video Transcript

Ever tried to squeeze more capabilities & processing power into an already crowded platform with no more empty slots to fill?

Well...never again…

Curtiss-Wright changes your cramped situation…..with our zero-footprint Processor Mezzanine Single Board Computers. Traditional SBCs occupy slots. To add more computing power, you need to add extra slots - that means losing valuable space, adding more weight to the vehicle, and burning fuel more quickly.

Simply put – adding slots costs you – big time.

Processor Mezzanines eliminate extra attaching to the top of an existing this. Why would you redesign your whole system when you can boost your performance just by adding a Processor Mezzanine?

To make it even easier, there’s a Curtiss-Wright COTS Processor Mezzanine for whatever application you need, from low power to high performance, with a full range of features - all backed by our extended lifecycle support.

Minimize your risk, and reduce your time to market while your processor density multiplies. Ready to find out how Processor Mezzanines can skyrocket your processing power and simplify your tech refresh?

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