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Exportable Encryption Module

2021 AI Technology Workshop: Exportable Encryption Module

This workshop explores the exportable miniature encryption support package (MESP) that provides AES-256 encryption and decryption capability that is customized for telemetry applications, as well as general test applications.

Highly Configurable Air Data Unit Reduces Costs video

Highly Configurable Air Data Unit Reduces Costs

The ESCADU air data computer holds 15 configurations for 15 different aircraft in one unit. Watch the video.

Air Data Fundamentals video

Air Data Fundamentals

Air data computers are used by aircraft to acquire and process data from pitot and static pressure sensors, data buses, and analog inputs to obtain key air data parameters.

Parvus MCOTS Mission Systems for Avionics applications video

Parvus MCOTS Mission Systems

Watch the video to learn how to expedite your mission computer development in a matter of weeks, often without traditional NRE fees.