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Miniature Double Wide Data Acquisition System demonstration video

Miniature Double Wide Data Acquisition System: MDW-2020 Demo Video

This video shows the new MDW-2020 form factor which is our latest addition to our miniature data acquisition series product family.

Axon PCM Packetization video

Axon PCM Packetization Video

This video discusses how the Axon handles PCM packetization, references differences with KAM-500.

Axon ARINC-429 Module Information video

Axon ARINC-429 Module Information Video

A video describing how the Axon handles ARINC-429 through it’s modules, settings, features etc. and how these can be accessed in DAS Studio.

TTCWare 2021 Updates video

TTCWare User Interface Updates Video

There were a number of significant upgrades to TTCWare in 2021, mostly in updating the user interface. This video gives an overview of these.

Raising the Bar on Device Management for Classified Mobility webinar

Webinar: Raising the Bar on Device Management for Classified Mobility

The webinar explores the challenges in mobile device provisioning and management, and how some large-scale organizations overcome challenges.

Telemeter Overview

2021 AI Technology Workshop: Telemeter Overview

In this presentation, Paul outlines a telemeter product concept that combines modular data acquisition with transmitter and encryption functions.

Exportable Encryption Module

2021 AI Technology Workshop: Exportable Encryption Module

This workshop explores the exportable miniature encryption support package (MESP) that provides AES-256 encryption and decryption capability that is customized for telemetry applications, as well as general test applications.

COTS Products for Space Applications

2021 AI Technology Workshop: COTS Products for Space Applications

An overview of Aerospace Instrumentation Space COTS products and their use in the development and operational flight for Space programs and instrumentation applications.

IADS Post Test Explorer

2021 AI Technology Workshop: IADS Post Test Explorer

This presentation introduces IADS Post-test Explorer and outlines its features.

Fundamentals of FTI Imaging Workshop

2021 AI Technology Workshop: Fundamentals of FTI Imaging

This is the workshop Fundamentals of FTI Imaging by Russell Moore.

Ethernet Network-based Switches and Recorders

2021 AI Technology Workshop: Ethernet Network-based Switches and Recorders

In this presentation, Russ discusses Curtiss-Wright's current range of Ethernet switch and recorder products for flight test and monitoring applications.

Data Acquisition Roadmap

2021 AI Technology Workshop: Data Acquisition Roadmap

Pat Quinn presents the data acquisition family product developments from 2020 and the future development road map.