Developing a Secure COTS-Based Trusted Computing System

Developing a Secure COTS-Based Trusted Computing System

Trusted Computing: The COTS Perspective Series

When examining security and Trusted Computing, system-level protection is not simply the sum of its parts. While the individual modules, operating system, and boot software all are important, system security is also not an additive process; it can’t simply be bolted on to make the system secure.

A systems designer must look at all system elements individually and understand how they work together. If a single discrete element of the system is insecure, it is not possible for the designer to claim confidently that the entire system is secure. You need to know how each system element integrates with the rest, what interfaces are available to those elements, and how each element communicates with the other parts of the system.

The systems designer must make all efforts possible to eliminate any risk of inadvertently providing an insecure port of entry into the system that makes it vulnerable to malicious attack.

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  • Implementing the right architecture for security requirements
  • Securing data in transit
  • Performance and testing