Solving the Tactical Communications Challenge

Solving the Tactical Communications Challenge

Keeping users connected in contested and other harsh environments can be a real challenge for defense program designers. Between remote environments with limited satellite access and hostile actors attempting to interfere with operations, it is critical to have the right technology to achieve mission success.

What does the right technology look like? The right technology considers real-world situations, encompassing not only the technical capabilities to keep networks running and vehicles connected, but also the ability to quickly train on and deploy new solutions in rapidly changing circumstances. 

Using an effective communications system on an HMWWV as a real-life example of how to achieve this goal, this white paper will address the types of technology that keep users connected no matter how remote they are. This white paper will cover: 

  • The communications challenges inherent in contested and harsh environments
  • The key issues to consider when building a communications system for these environments
  • A demonstration of how integrating multiple Curtiss-Wright solutions streamlines communications and improves mission outcomes
  • How a “single pane of glass” approach to managing communications is critical for battlefield environments

And more.