Protect Product Availability at All Program Phases

Total LifeCycle Management (TLCM)

Developing, qualifying, and maintaining complex aerospace and defense electronics for service in programs that can last for decades can be costly and complex. Program Managers must deal with many dynamic issues, including ever-faster technological development, greater use of commercially developed technology, parts obsolescence, supply chain disruption, and limited budgets. All of these challenges must be continually mitigated.

Choosing a partner that works to manage diminishing manufacturing sources (DMS) proactively often determines the success of the longevity strategy. To safeguard customers’ programs and mitigate challenges associated with leveraging COTS technology for long-term mission-critical systems, Curtiss-Wright provides standard support to our COTS board and systems customers, including safety-certifiable applications, and offers a comprehensive suite of Total LifeCycle Management™ (TLCM) support services. By choosing Curtiss-Wright, customers select the premier COTS technology partner and gain a partner that pioneered life cycle services in this industry.

Electronics systems based on COTS technology deliver many benefits compared to application-specific designs, including the latest-generation performance, affordability, and interoperability from open standards. To effectively leverage these benefits, Program Managers must de-risk the short product life cycles typical of commercial devices to eliminate the cost and time that result from unplanned technology refreshes and system re-qualifications.

Learn about:

  • Ensuring Critical Electronics Availability
  • Total LifeCycle Management
  • Product Configuration Control
  • Sustained Test Infrastructure & Tools
  • Assured Component Availability
  • Direct Access to Life Cycle Specialists
  • Which Programs Benefit from TLCM
  • When to Start TLCM Services?

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