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Arm Cortex Processor Technology

Arm Cortex Processor Technology

This white paper focuses on three Arm-based cores - the A7, A53, and A57 - and their benefits to embedded computing.

Basic Elements of MIL-STD-461

Basic Elements of MIL-STD-461

This white paper supplies a summary of the MIL-STD-461 standard and presents some ideas regarding ways to achieve compliant designs.


Serial FPDP - More than an Extension of FPDP White Paper

This paper outlines the concept of Serial FPDP (sFPDP), provides solutions for several types of real-time data scenarios and explains supported topologies.

Effective Use of SCRAMNet GT Network Interrupts White Paper

This document gives an overview of the available network interrupt mechanisms and discusses how to make use of them in software.

A New Technology for Shared-Memory Communication in High-Throughput Networks White Paper

This paper describes SCRAMNet GT, a high-throughput technology for connecting multiple computer platforms to form a single, real-time, distributed processing system in which memory is shared among the computers.

SCRAMNet GT Memory Access (PIO vs DMA) White Paper

This paper discusses the strengths, limitations, and performance characteristics of the methods for accessing GT memory to help ensure that the correct transfer method is selected for the target system.

How Does the FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) Standard Measure up Against the PMC/XMC Format White Paper

Interest in reconfigurable embedded computing in the defense and aerospace market has grown significantly as new generations of FPGAs present developers with a level of processing performance and potential I/O bandwidth that cannot easily be matched by conventional CPU configurations.

Unified Approach to Post Flight Test Analysis White Paper

This white paper highlights common post-test software requirements and suggests solutions that are codified in a new software tool.

Modular Approach to Rugged COTS Data Storage Selection White Paper

Data storage plays a key role in Defense and Aerospace deployed data gathering system applications.

Analog Input Performance of VPX3-530 White Paper

This white paper provides the typical (measured) performance of the analog inputs of the VPX3-530.

Enhancing the PCM/FM Link - Without the Math White Paper

This paper focuses on a quantitative approach to improving the rate and quality of data using existing PCM/FM links.

Incorporating FPGA Processing Directly into Ethernet Networks Application Note