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System Solutions Brochure

System Solutions Brochure

System integration and support services that reduce interoperability risks, lowers program costs and accelerates time to market.

Why Trusted Platform Modules are Critical to Deployed Network Attached Storage

Why Trusted Platform Modules are Critical to Deployed Network Attached Storage

Classified data-at-rest (DAR) in deployed applications faces both internal and external threats that can subject sensitive data to exploitation.

Webinar: Cross-Domain and Secure Remote Access Solutions at the Edge

Webinar: Cross-Domain and Secure Remote Access Solutions at the Edge

Curtiss-Wright's Dominic Perez and Forcepoint's Rob Link discuss the use of cross domain solutions for securing remote access to classified networks.

Fabric100 100GbE Processing

Fabric100 100GbE Data Processing Technology

Curtiss-Wright has developed Fabric100, a complete end-to-end ecosystem that features 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connectivity between rugged OpenVPX modules and system components.

Why Dissimilar Redundant Architectures Are a Necessity for DAL A

Why Dissimilar Redundant Systems Are a Necessity for DAL A

Discover how building a system with a dissimilar redundant architecture can help overcome the challenges of meeting stringent DO-254/178 DAL A safety requirements for aviation applications.

Fighter Jet

Aggressor Fighter Squadron Needs Secure Removable Storage Solutions

Tasked by the U.S. Air Force with updating their Aggressor fighter squadron, an aerospace company sought a small data network attached storage (NAS) device for a new batch of refurbished fighter jets.

ground vehicle header image

Ground Vehicle Mission Management Systems

Mission management systems that meet ever-present size, weight, and power (SWaP) demands while providing the scalability and flexibility to handle all of the mission tasks today’s warfighter may encounter.

Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology

Curtiss-Wright Drive Technology

This video discusses the creation of an electromechanical system that has to fulfill three requirements: move heavy materials, work precisely, and operate under high safety requirements.

Webinar: Configuring Tactical Hardware in Minutes

Webinar: Configuring Tactical Hardware in Minutes

Dominic Perez, Chief Technology Officer at Curtiss-Wright and Will Lester, Vice-President of Engineering with NextTech Solutions discuss PacStar IQ-Core and MANTLE - a practical guide to desired state configuration at the edge.

B2 Bomber

Removing 10 GbE Network Attached Storage Bottlenecks

Network attached storage (NAS) devices have the ability to protect and store critical data at high-performance speeds.


Right-Sizing Embedded Digital Signal Processing

Delivering more predictable processing through a balance of performance, memory, and power is essential to harness the digital signal processing capabilities for ISR applications.


The SOSA Technical Standard and Trusted Computing for Defense Systems

SOSA combines MOSA principles with security to enable secure sensor systems’ rapid and low-risk deployment.