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White Paper: Getting Secure, Intel-Based Solutions to Market Faster

Why the Hardware Vendor’s Boot Security Implementation Is So Important.

Infographic: 5 Fundamentals to Simplify Tactical Data Link Translation

The tactical data link (TDL) gateways that translate information across TDL types are notoriously difficult and time-consuming to set up and configure. Warfighters at the tactical edge of the battlefield don’t have the knowledge, skills, or time to operate them. Read the infographic to see what it takes to resolve the main issues.

White Paper: High-performance Element Processing Architecture for Open Standards Radar Systems

This paper describes High-performance Element Processing Architecture as a basis for large array radar systems.

White Paper: Addressing the Challenges of Lead-free Technology in Mil-Aero Electronics

The use of lead-free commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components for advanced technology military applications impacts the industry considerably.

White Paper: Understanding Power Management of Intel Processors for Mil/Aero Applications

Understanding Power Management of Intel Processors for Mil/Aero Applications.

Infographic: DriveTech New Stability to Payloads in Motion

Stabilize the movements of payloads on the ground and in the air with scalable motion control systems from Drive Technology.

Application Note: Incorporating FPGA Processing Directly into Ethernet Networks

Application Note: Benefits and Implementation of Network Multicast in Embedded Computing Architectures

White Paper: Fabric40 - An Introduction

This white paper is the first in a series about the benefits of using 40 Gbps interconnects for use in Defense and Aerospace rugged deployed COTS systems.

White Paper: Thinking Outside of the Box - Optimizing System Design with Embedded Expertise

COTS hardware suppliers solve embedded integration problems every day. By tapping into that expertise, system integrators are freed to better focus on the application space.

White Paper: A Comparison of OpenVPX System Bandwidth Between Serial RapidIO and 10 Gigabit Ethernet

This paper compares the bandwidth available to processors resident on the payload boards using the CEN16 switched architecture for Serial RapidIO and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE).