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For information on updates to software, hardware or documentation, please see the Technical Information Bulletin.


An RMA is the official authorization from Curtiss-Wright that it will accept product to be returned from a customer site. An RMA is typically granted  when there is a problem with a product which necessitates its return to us for repair, rework, or replacement. RMAs are granted by the Applications Department.

There are several situations which require an RMA. They are as follows:

  • When it has not been possible to resolve a problem with hardware through help from an Curtiss-Wright Applications Engineer.
  • If your product needs to be returned for an upgrade, as agreed with Curtiss-Wright. If your product needs to be returned to us for recalibration.
  • In cases where we must recall products, RMAs will be allocated for the respective items.

To submit an RMA, please download the RMA form, fill it out and return it to for approval. Upon approval, we will issue you an RMA number. Once you receive the RMA number you can return the associated hardware.


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