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For information on updates to software, hardware or documentation, please see the Technical Information Bulletin. If you would like to receive the Bulletin by email each month please contact us at to be added to the mailing list. Note: you must be logged in to view. View Flight Test Technical Documentation.

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Flight Test Technical Documentation

The flight test  technical notes contain a wealth of information to help our customers better understand various aerospace topics and get the most out of our products. Subject matter spans several subjects, for example from in-depth articles on strain gauge theory to brief guides on how best to use specific products. The Technical Notes Reference guide contains tables, equations and general reference information frequently required by data acquisition engineers and in particular those in the aerospace industry. In Technical Publications you'll find Service Information Leaflets (SIL), Service Bulletin and Technical Publications Registers. Software manuals and their update information can be found in the Manuals section. Please note, DAS Studio is the software recommended - KSM-500 will no longer receive updates.

Technical Notes
Technical Publications


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Reducing Unscheduled Grounding Events with Adaptable Predictive Maintenance A commercial flight operator realized a successful predictive maintenance program... MORE> Who is using C-Band for Flight Test Telemetry in the USA? Paul Cook looks at research conducted by Curtiss-Wright to find out where... MORE> The Future of FTI Configuration Software This paper outlines how software from two formally separate businesses are being... MORE> Optimizing Flight Data Recorder Modification Requirements In this white paper, Nick Churchill and Stephen Willis look at how inbuilt... MORE> Company is Reaching for the Stars Curtiss-Wright is now a leading supplier of data acquisition avionics for space... MORE> Lowering the Cost of Spacecraft Avionics with Radiation-Tolerant COTS Electronics The risk of failure for avionics equipment on-board spacecraft due to radiation... MORE> Data Acquisition Expansion Reduces Vendor Count Reducing the number of vendors can help you meet the challenge of increased system... MORE> Radiation Testing of COTS Data Acquisition Electronics for Space Applications As the usage of COTS equipment extends into mission critical functions, the risks... MORE> Curtiss-Wright Lowers Space Flight Cost, Speeds Up Development Time and Reduces Risk Introducing the Smart Backplane subsystem (KAM/CSB/12U), a rugged multi-slot... MORE> Adding High Value Services to Flight Test Instrumentation
without Compromising Reliability
This white paper describes the benefits of using value added services on Flight... MORE>
Curtiss-Wright MnACQ-2000 stackable networked encoding units support next-gen low-Earth orbit spacecraft Curtiss-Wright is delivering its rugged, space-qualified data acquisition and... MORE> Wireless Data Acquisition in Flight Test Instrumentation Sensors can now be added quickly and to previously unreachable locations and for... MORE>
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