LRMs Offer Cost-Effective Solution for Quick Repairs

Curtiss-Wright offers an innovative line of electronic modules – Line Replaceable Modules (LRM) – that simplify battlefield maintenance by allowing damaged or worn out modules to be removed and replaced quickly, directly from the platform. This approach greatly reduces maintenance costs and downtime of mission critical systems as it eliminates the traditional step of removing the system-level box and sending it to a depot for replacement of a pluggable circuit board. The LRM electronic modules allow pluggable I/O and processing boards to be removed and replaced in the field. A replacement LRM can restore a system to service, while the damaged unit undergoes maintenance.

One example of Curtiss-Wright’s line of replaceable electronic modules is the VPX6-185 PowerPC Single Board Computer. This electronic module is designed on the VITA 46, or VPX, open-architecture standard and also supports the VPX-REDI (VITA 48) standard for rugged deployable modules. The VPX6-185 6U VPX SBC is designed to support the high performance data and signal processing requirements of armored vehicles, tactical aircraft and naval systems. The VPX6-185 PowerPC sBC is designed to extend the service of military platforms as it supports replacement with successive electronic modules that feature the latest in performance capabilities.

Military platforms, including airplanes, helicopters, ships and armored ground vehicles, typically have a 30- to 50-year life expectancy. Electronic modules such as the VPX6-185 Power Architecture SBC offer a cost-effective solution for delaying obsolescence of expensive military defense investments and extending its useful life in the midst of rapid technological advances.

Electronic modules can reduce support and operational costs by 50 to 70 percent as they help streamline the conventional three- or four-tier defense maintenance models. LRMs facilitate the first tier of maintenance – the organizational, or O-level. Organizational level maintenance includes battle damage assessment, inspections and preventive maintenance. At the O-level, repair can be accomplished with LRMs, which allow prompt repair between battle missions.

Replaceable electronic modules simplify logistics by reducing the required number of repair facilities and spare parts that need to be kept on hand. After replacing the O-level modules, the damaged parts can be returned to the original manufacturer for repair, significantly limiting the length of time a critical piece of equipment is out of service.

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