Curtiss-Wright’s TrustedCOTS embedded processor card family includes single board computers and digital signal processing engines. Designed using cutting-edge Trusted Computing techniques and mechanisms to enable the safe, reliable operation of embedded systems, our TrustedCOTS products provide confidence not only that systems are secure and un-compromised, but that critical data or IP will not benefit adversaries if hardware falls into enemy hands.


Curtiss-Wright’s enhanced TrustedCOTS (eTCOTS) pairs our proven expertise and products with the latest innovations from leading suppliers of defense-grade security to the DoD market. Traditionally, defense-grade security solutions required custom hardware somewhere in the system to protect Critical Program Information (CPI). This was an expensive and time-consuming effort that could cause significant program schedule delays. Our eTCOTS approach provides the necessary infrastructure on select processor modules to allow the hosting of IP from Raytheon Intelligence & Space, Idaho Scientific, and Wind River. Read our eTCOTS brochure to learn more.

TrustedCOTS Embedded Processor Cards

Since there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Trusted Computing, our selection of TrustedCOTS products are designed within three frameworks that define common sets of features to meet varying levels of security requirements. Click here to download the TrustedCOTS brochure.

Trusted Boot

Trusted Boot
The TrustedCOTS Trusted Boot security framework provides protection mechanisms for the boot chain, access control for configuration menus, encryption and sanitization routines for non-volatile memory, a key management infrastructure, and other protections to support cybersecurity requirements.

Enhanced Trusted Boot

Enhanced Trusted Boot
The TrustedCOTS Enhanced Trusted Boot security framework offers all the protections of the Trusted Boot framework, and adds extra protection with an FPGA-based Root of Security (RoS).

Active Protection Enhanced Trusted Boot

Active Protection

The TrustedCOTS Active Protection security framework includes all the capabilities of the Trusted Boot and Enhanced Trusted Boot frameworks, while providing additional defenses. Due to the sensitive nature of these protections, we recommend discussing your specific requirements with a Curtiss-Wright representative to learn more.

Download the TrustedCOTS brochure to learn more, or explore our trusted, secure solutions below.

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Parvus DuraNET 3300 + CHAMP-XD1S

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