COTS Products

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products offer the same sophistication and performance as custom-designed products, but are available immediately and are plug-and-play for many applications. Minimal production time and low cost of ownership are benefits of COTS options from Curtiss-Wright.

Timely Delivery

Our COTS products are standard catalog items that are in stock and available immediately. Using COTS, test programs can be up and running quickly. When a COTS product is needed to upgrade an existing test setup, delivery can often be scheduled for the next day, minimizing test program down time and maximizing program effectiveness.

Comprehesive Product Lines

We offer a range of products including data acquisition systems (bussed and networked), signal conditioners, data encoders, high-speed data multiplexers, solid-state and hard drive data recorders, instrumentation power systems, fiber optic-based avionics bus monitors, telemetry products, ground support products, avionics display and control units, and commercial communications equipment. Many of these solutions are available in miniaturized versions for space-limited applications, and highly ruggedized and sealed packaging options are also available.

System Flexibility

System FlexibilityWe design equipment for dynamic environments where data recording requirements and configurations change frequently. Changing data acquisition environments can be accommodated on-site with:

  • Modular replacements. Change measurement methods or measurement quantities by replacing a plug-in assembly.
  • Software. TTCWare is a Windows-based application that allows hardware performance adjustment without accessing or modifying the equipment.
  • Dynamic configuration. Some TTC products can adjust measurement parameters automatically based on variations in the incoming data.


TTC products are designed with open, industry-standard interfaces that enable products to work together and with third-party solutions. Equipment can be connected and networked for greater capacity or for system expansion. Curtiss-Wright employs communication standards including PCM, CAIS (Common Airborne Instrumentation System), Ethernet (electrical and optical), MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-419, 429, 453, 561, 568, 573, 575, 582, 615, 629, 664, 708, 717, various Honeywell avionic buses, IEEE-1394, IEEE-1588, Fibre Channel (electrical and optical) and USB 2.0.

Future Expansion

TTC products are a solid investment in the future. New product developments and integrating new technology into existing products assures customers that TTC products are compatible with legacy instrumentation while including current technology. Our customers can be sure that TTC products will be both backwards-compatible and cutting edge.


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