System Solutions Brochure

System Solutions Brochure

Curtiss-Wright is a technological leader in providing COTS-based modular open system approaches to build our mission computing, signal processing, graphics, communication fabrics, system and sensing I/O, and enclosure products.

Our “building block” approach to providing solutions benefits our customers greatly with respect to cost, lead time, and supportability. While providing these non-developmental items, the technology developed and the intellectual property also benefits our customers by allowing them to provide application or point-design products when necessary.

Curtiss-Wright has products on hundreds of programs and continues supporting them throughout their life cycle. This experience has taught us that long-term support, obsolescence management, and security are key aspects of every program and sometimes raise concerns of risk when applying COTS technology. To eliminate this concern, Curtiss-Wright provides product families for five to seven-plus years of volume production.

Curtiss-Wright delivers complete system of systems integration and support services that reduce interoperability risks, lower program costs, and accelerate time to market. Each system of systems project is provided with a single Curtiss-Wright program manager and single technical point of contact.

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