NVIDIA GPU Processing

NVIDIA GPU Processing
NVIDIA GPU Processing

Fast processing for display graphics or math/vector acceleration engine

A GPU complements a processor to offer display graphics or can serve as a math/vector acceleration engine. As a display processor, a GPU supports real-time graphics using OpenGL and media codecs such as MPEG and H.254, and can drive multiple displays simultaneously. When used as a math/vector accelerator, a GPU can perform floating-point calculations using hundreds or thousands of parallel floating-point units via the use of OpenCL and CUDA software frameworks. In data-intensive applications, such as imaging enhancement and mosaicking, GPUs can stitch together input from multiple sensors or process radar data faster than general-purpose CPUs.

Enabling AI at the Network Edge of the Battlefield

This white paper discusses how modern AI technology can benefit the warfighter as embedded solutions at the network edge are deployed for military and aerospace platforms.

GPUs provide

  • Real-time graphics using OpenGL, MPEG, and H.254 to drive multiple displays 
  • Fast processing of radar data 
  • Ability to gather and process input from multiple sensors  
  • Acceleration of math-intensive algorithms using floating point calculations with OpenCL and CUDA 
GPU Processing Solutions from Curtiss-Wright

Curtiss-Wright works closely with NVIDIA and WOLF Advanced Technology to select GPU processors for demanding aerospace and defense applications. We use industrial qualified processors to meet the high-reliability requirements that Curtiss-Wright products demand for the long-term success of your programs. Our NVIDIA GPU processing capabilities include rugged mission computing and modules are available in 3U, 6U and mezzanine form factors.

3U VPX Systems
Our 3U VPX LRUs leverage industry-leading, open standards-based technology in highly rugged packaging.
6U VPX & VME Systems
Our 6U VPX & VME LRUs leverage industry-leading, open standards-based technology in highly rugged packaging for the most demanding applications.
Small Form Factor Integrated Solutions
Turnkey tactical and expeditionary solutions, based on NVIDIA processing and the PacStar Tactical Communications solutions.
Program Specific Systems
Team with our system architects to define a system solution to meet your program requirements. See a few examples of these.
Equipped with NVIDIA CUDA machine learning cores, our 3U VPX GPGPU boards offer TFLOPS processing capability alongside maximum memory bandwidth for the most compute-intensive tasks.
Answering the growing demand for AI and high-performance processing in deployed EW and ISR applications, our 6U VPX GPGPU modules are designed to deliver advanced capabilities in a highly rugged board.
Delivering powerful capability in a minimalistic footprint, these cards add functionality without occupying an extra slot.