Turret Drive Stabilization System

Turret Drive Stabilization System

Match mission needs with modular configuration options

Weapons' accuracy and reliability are crucial factors for combat success. The ability to accurately locate a target and stabilize the shot while moving out of the line of sight could make all the difference. The modular, upgradeable Turret Drive Stabilization System delivers target location accuracy and precise tank turret stabilization with the flexibility system integrators need to define and deploy the exact solution they require.


Turret Aiming and Stabilization Drive System

Offering a flexible choice of standard configurations with a clear upgrade path, the Turret Drive Stabilization System modular approach to system design allows for easy adaptation to different turret sizes and dynamic performance and precision requirements. See the upgradeable system configuration options and learn more about our modular approach to controlled motion solutions.

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Beyond motion control

Curtiss-Wright offers the industry's broadest selection of SWaP-C-optimized COTS LRMs and fully integrated LRUs. Our ground defense solutions range from high-performance C5ISR applications to compact, cost-effective mission computers and network switches. Our rugged building blocks help customers rapidly deploy today's most advanced commercial electronics to support the critical applications our warfighters need most.

Integrated, modular turret drive systems save time, effort, and money

System integrators can rest easy when their controlled motion solutions are built with prequalified and proven components and engineered to meet their unique performance requirements.

Meet key program requirements with modular motion control solutions

Curtiss-Wright's "building block" approach to aiming and stabilization systems delivers the target and turret stabilization needed for the critical precision drive systems onboard many of today's combat vehicles. In this case study, learn how Rheinmetall Defence Australia partnered with us to meet the needs of Land 400 Phase 2 with a custom, high-precision motion control solution.

Rotary Gear Drives
Transmit traverse and elevation movements even while aiming at constant low speeds and in stabilized mode.
Linear Gear Drives
Achieve smooth, linear motion even for applications subject to heavy loads, continuous vibrations, and high shock.
Motion Controllers
Equip your precision drive systems with pre-engineered motion controllers for the most demanding linear and rotational dynamics and precision requirements.
Hand Controllers
Simplify the relationship between operator and machine with hand controls developed to meet the high demands of the military sector.
Maximize stability of high-performance military applications.
Stay connected with tightly integrated, user-friendly specialized software.
Video: Aiming and Stabilization System Demonstration

Aiming and stabilization system demonstration

See how the components of an aiming and stabilization system are used together to ensure precision and reliability