End-to-End Services and Support to Meet any Requirement

Technical Support

Our support teams are committed to answering your product questions and assisting you with product repairs.  


Advanced Capabilities to Ensure the Success of Your Program's System Development and Integration

From systems engineering to program management to lifecycle and configuration management, Curtiss-Wright offers a lengthy list of advanced capabilities to aid in program success. 

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Program Management

World-class program management designed to ensure the success of your system integration program and to keep you informed of your program’s progress every step of the way.

Specialty Engineering

Our specialty engineering resources include Reliability/Maintainability/Safety (RMS) engineering and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) engineering teams. Established under our Systems Engineering group, these teams provide technical assistance and effective product support for existing equipment in the field, ensuring that it meets the reliability, maintainability, availability, and supportability requirements.