PGS Replay and Analysis Software

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PGS Replay and Analysis Software
Product Sheet
Product Sheet

The PGS turnkey suite of tools enables rapid and clear interpretation of flight data and limits exceeded.


  • Supports all types of aircraft
  • Complete flight event report in seconds
  • Powerful visual analysis
  • Secure database
  • Intuitive implementation


  • Crash protected recorder data management
  • Aircraft sustainment projects
  • Flight data analysis
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PGS Replay and Analysis Software

Effective flight data monitoring (FDM) / flight operations quality assurance (FOQA) programs are difficult to implement. There is seldom a shortage of flight data, but useful interpretation requires superior analysis and viewing tools.

PGS Analysis has all the features of PGS Vision and provides advanced tools that make light work of FDM / FOQA activities without software coding experience. PGS Analysis gives full control
to the user, allowing up to 5,000 Events to be defined and existing Events to be modified to continuously improve and develop an FDM / FOQA program with ease.

The Auto-Analysis function provides automated analysis of flight data, delivering rapid and accurate detection of Events and abnormal operations. Highly configurable features allow the user to tailor the simplicity (or complexity) of how each event and associated flight data is presented to make fast, informed, and reliable decisions.

PGS 3D Replay is an add-on module for PGS Vision and PGS Analysis which provides 3D visualization capability to review animated aircraft operation. PGS 3D Replay provides multiple aircraft support with instrument editor functions that permit the user to replicate and animate aircraft instrument panels and Multi-Function Displays (MFD).

PGS Discovery is an entry-level solution designed for single aircraft support and provides basic download and replay for cockpit voice recorder (CVR), flight data recorder (FDR), and airborne image recorder (AIR) data to satisfy annual maintenance requirements. PGS Discovery also includes powerful audio decoding algorithms to convert encoded CVR audio data to standard Microsoft® WAV file format and synchronize audio recordings to the flight data and airborne image recordings.

PGS Vision builds on the foundation of PGS Discovery, resulting in a powerful visual tool purposely designed to simplify flight data readout and replay for multiple aircraft of varying types. Innovative editors and tools are provided to ease everyday operation, and a highly customizable user interface delivers exceptional operational information for fleet management and safety programs.

PGS Vision also provides tools for datalink replay, real-time monitoring, and parameter database definition.


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Curtiss-Wright has been designing flight recorders for over 60 years. Fortress, our latest product line, meets all current and anticipated regulations, including ED-112A and 25-hour voice / datalink recording. Additionally, it is a highly flexible platform with the ability to collect and process custom data sets for various applications including maintenance operations.

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