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The DTU-2008R-1 is a 19 inch 2U rack-mount unit that integrates eight storage bays to support file download from Curtiss-Wright’s DTDXXXX(C)(SE)-1 memory cartridges. The DTU-2008R-1 is designed for ground support applications for users of DTDs and Advanced Data Server and Recorder (ADSR-4003X-X) flight recorders. The DTD2008R-1 facilitates ground support transfer of data recorded on the DTD media cartridge.

The DTU-2008R-1 provides media cartridge hot-swap capability to allow the end-user to perform operations on multiple DTD-XXXX(C) (SE)-1 memory cartridges while inserting or removing cartridges not in use. This eliminates the need to power down the unit when adding or removing DTDs. Front panel LEDs indicate the status of each storage bay.

The DTU-2008R-1 is supported by Curtiss-Wright’s Media Manager software utility, which allows the customer to access, copy, delete, and declassify (secure erase) data on the installed media cartridges. 

The DTU-2008R-1 includes the rack-mountable unit, miniSAS cables and a PCI Express host bus adapter for installation in the end user’s PC or server.

Key Features

  • Allows data transfer from data cartridge on an on-demand basis
  • 19” 2U rack-mounted unit
  • Downloads data from removable memory cartridges
  • Accepts any DTD-XXXX data cartridge
  • MiniSAS cables and PCI-Express host bus adapter included
  • Front panel LEDs indicate status, power and chassis fault


  • Ground support
  • Recorded data transfer
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