TTC nMGR-2000

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The TTC nMGR-2000 is the controller in a networked high-speed camera system. It provides the configuration and control between multiple networked high-speed cameras, recorders, switches, and the camera control panel.

The nMGR-2000 configures, operates, synchronizes, and controls networked high-speed cameras for airborne video recording systems. Using the TTCWare application, the nMGR-2000 provides basic configuration and it arms the high-speed cameras before a mission.

The nMGR-2000 derives its time from network IEEE 1588 time and converts it to IRIG-B DC time to drive cameras that are not compatible with IEEE 1588.

During a mission, the nMGR-2000 communicates operational commands for reconfiguration and synchronization and provides a single channel of RS-170A (NTSC or PAL) video, RS-422 data, and clock and PCM output from a selected camera to view the camera field-of-view.

The nMGR-2000 can also interface, as an option, with the TTC CCP-2000 camera control panel using a control communications port for status updates, user reconfiguration, and system management.

The nMGR-2000 communications capabilities include a 100/1000BASE-T Ethernet interface to the camera system with IEEE 1588 time synchronization support for video data and clocking, RS-170 composite video data, illumination synchronization control, multiple camera events trigger output, and discrete camera event trigger input.


  • System management for a high-speed camera system
  • 100/1000BASE-T Ethernet interface to the camera system with IEEE 1588 time synchronization support
  • Orchestrates data transfer from the cameras to the recorder
  • Schedules camera low-rate data output
    • Outputs PCM video data and clock
    • Outputs RS-170A composite video data
  • Multiple general purpose I/O for:
    • Illumination synchronization control
    • Multiple IRIG-B time output (derived from IEEE 1588)
    • Multiple camera event trigger output
    • Discrete camera event trigger input
  • Provides an interface for the Camera Control Panel (CCP-2000-1)
  • Compatible with flight test network-based products



  • Network-based high-speed camera recording system
  • Camera control system
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