IADS Post Test Explorer

IADS Post test explorer 1
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Post Test Explorer allows the user to enter natural language search queries to find data of interest. Queries can be written as normal sentences rather than having to follow a precise syntax. The search engine can find events of interest in existing IADS data recordings across multiple flights. This allows end-users to leverage existing IADS data from past flight tests.

In addition to multi-flight search, Post Test Explorer also allows single-flight exploration of flight archives. This gives users the ability to easily browse flights one-by-one and visually identify areas of interest.

Once data of interest is identified, the user can use Post Test Explorer’s extensive built-in library of analysis functions to analyze the data. If additional custom analysis is required, a built-in Python development environment allows users to write their own analysis functions and manage them directly within the system.

Once analysis is complete, Post Test Explorer allows the user to create plots and charts for use in their data analysis reports, which can be printed to hard copy, saved to external file formats such as PDF, or copy and pasted directly into other applications such as Microsoft Word.

Examples of Post Test Explorer below:

IADS Post test explorer 2
IADS Post test Explorer 4 Calculate page

Key Features

  • Search across multiple flights for data conditions or test events
  • Visualize results in a graphical format
  • Perform analysis using the built-in Python library
  • Produce quality plots for reports


  • Post Test Analysis for any vehicle
  • Geared to the needs of flight test engineers
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IADS Post Test Explorer

IADS Post test explorer 1
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