Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon

About Us

PacStar is mission-focused, technically unrivaled, and dedicated to delivering innovative communications solutions based on advanced, proven technologies for use in the most demanding of environments. Our customers give us the highest ratings for quality and customer support.


Today’s military, government, and commercial organizations demand modern, high-performing voice, data, and video communications. Historically, systems have been costly and cumbersome to set up and operate, often requiring highly-trained IT professionals. These organizations now need communications solutions that are easy to deploy and manage and that provide situational awareness, secure mission-critical communications, and help with decision-making. To improve efficiency and reduce costs in deploying these technologies, military organizations need the same technologies in the field that are used at an enterprise level, ensuring interoperability and security, while streamlining training, supply, and support logistics.

Our Solutions

PacStar’s products consist of its small form factor tactical and deployable communications hardware its IQ-Core Software that manages communications hardware and software, and its Integrated Solutions that combine the hardware, the IQ-Core Software, and third-party technologies into compact, turnkey solutions that are easy to deploy and easy to operate.

PacStar Communications Hardware: PacStar designs and develops a broad range of proven small form factor Tactical & Deployable Communications Products for complex and demanding applications. As military, government, and commercial communications needs evolve, PacStar continues to create solutions customized to address a wide range of small, medium, or enterprise communication requirements.

PacStar IQ-Core Software: PacStar also created IQ-Core Software which enables organizations to field the best-in-class COTS communications technologies while driving down deployment complexity and management. IQ-Core Software has made PacStar a recognized leader in advanced tactical and enterprise communications systems. The software can be customized to integrate numerous disparate components sourced from a variety of vendors and enable remote management. IQ-Core Software comes in three editions:

  • IQ-Core Network Communications Manager (NCM) – provides a comprehensive suite of setup, configuration management, and troubleshooting tools in one convenient and powerful package
  • IQ-Core Remote Operations and Management (ROAM) – manages the entire network through a single pane of glass, while sharing views and access to deployed operators at any echelon to create a collaborative, hierarchical, network operations and management structure
  • IQ-Core Crypto Manager (CM) – overcomes the added complexity and training burden imposed by the two layers of encryption by simplifying the setup, configuration, and management of the underlying equipment used in CSfC solutions

PacStar Integrated Solutions: PacStar further designs small, modular, Integrated Solutions that are turn-key, tactical, and expeditionary systems based on PacStar 400-Series modular communications, combined with IQ-Core Software, and a vast array of partner technologies — pre-integrated and ready to meet mission requirements. Solutions include:

  • PacStar Secure Wireless Command Post (SWCP) — for secure wireless transmission of data, up to Top Secret
  • PacStar Modular Data Center (MDC) — for storage, compute, cloud replication, and application virtualization
  • PacStar Modular Data Center-NR (MDC-NR) — Provides high reliability compute and storage with NVMe and remote management
  • PacStar Modular Radio Center (MRC) — for Radio-over-IP (RoIP), unified voice management, radio relay, and cross-banding
  • PacStar Tactical Fusion System (TFS) — for sensor-enabled platforms and dismounted warfighters

Enterprise IT Solutions: For fixed installations, PacStar utilizes extensive engineering expertise combined with partnerships with the major LAN, WAN, wireless, and communications manufacturers to create network and communications Enterprise IT Solutions that meet mission-critical requirements while driving down total cost of ownership.

PacStar was acquired by Curtiss-Wright in November of 2020. Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, a division of Curtiss-Wright Corporation, is recognized around the world as one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of rugged and secure mission-critical solutions for the defense and aerospace industries.

PacStar Communications Solutions
Tactical communications solutions that enable enhanced battlefield situational awareness for warfighters, comprised of COTS-based, rugged, low-SWaP hardware and proprietary IQ-Core® Software.
PacStar IQ-Core Software
Intuitive communications management that addresses the growing problem of communications system management complexity.
PacStar Integrated Solutions
Tactical and expeditionary solutions based on the PacStar 400-Series, combined with IQ-Core® Software and a wide array of partner technologies, pre-integrated and ready to meet mission requirements.
PacStar CSfC Solutions
Enables transmission of classified information using commercial-grade encryption solutions, eliminating the need for expensive, difficult-to-use, classified equipment.
PacStar Modular Devices
Tactical, rugged, low-SWaP networking and communications hardware, designed using a customer-centric approach.
PacStar Enterprise IT Solutions
Advanced secure wireless, VoIP, video and switching, routing, and computing solutions.
U.S. Manufacturing
As one of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions 7 U.S. manufacturing facilities, we are uniquely positioned to address your tactical communication solutions for mission-critical applications.
Technical Support
We look forward to being your preferred supplier and exceeding your expectations in answering product questions and assisting you with repairs.

Facility Details:

The 45,400 square-foot facility in Portland, OR includes a production department and a warehouse. PacStar employs a wide range of skilled professionals on a full-time basis of which more than 50% are engineers.

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