Radiation-Tolerant Space Data Acquisition

earth from above
earth from above
Radiation-Tolerant Space Data Acquisition

Get the cost savings of COTS in a reliable, radiation-tolerant system

Leveraging rugged, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), space-qualified data acquisition systems doesn't mean sacrificing reliability in high-radiation environments, such as low earth orbit. Our radiation-tolerant chassis and COTS modules are designed to reduce risk while delivering the size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) benefits of commercial designs. The system backplane is designed to reset modules when faced with a single event latch-up (SEL), can switch modules on and off for optimal power budgeting, and provides continuous health status information and a watchdog capability.

Smart backplane chassis
See our rugged, 12-user slot chassis designed specifically for space data acquisition, data processing, and recording
Data acquisition modules
Select from a wide range of COTS modules to meet your exact system requirements

Radiation mitigation in space: A COTS approach

When it comes to space vehicle design, whether it is a launcher, a re-entry vehicle, or a satellite, the tolerance of onboard electronics to radiation effects becomes one of the most challenging aspects. As the risk of equipment failure due to the radiation effects increases with the altitude and flight duration, the tolerance to radiation effects becomes the crucial criteria for selecting the onboard equipment and sub-systems. Read our white paper to learn more about the COTS approach to radiation mitigation.


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We've been a trusted supplier on a wide range of missions with leading space organizations around the world. We specialize in reducing costs, development time, and risk through a COTS approach that leverages an extensive library of proven IP and decades of rugged system design experience. Read more about our space solutions and proven success on a variety of launcher, sub-orbital, re-entry and International Space Station (ISS) applications.

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