IADS Real-time and Post-test Display and Analysis Software

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IADS telemetry client software is the integrated display and analysis portion of the IADS data display, processing, delivery and archive software suite. IADS client facilitates real-time mission analysis and raises situational awareness, safety monitoring, and test point clearance capabilities to a new level.

This is accomplished by utilizing tools previously available only within post-test environments. The IADS toolset includes high-fidelity strip charts with threshold checking, frequency response plots with predicted data overlays, 2D and 3D moving maps, 3D models with system-wide visualization, XY plots with envelope calculations, and a test point system that allows the user to easily mark events and automate batch processing.

All displays have the ability to instantly recall any portion of the test data for display and analysis without affecting real-time data performance. Derived equations can be added or modified on-the-fly for use throughout the system. All support data can be input using a familiar spreadsheet interface. This flexibility allows displays, data, and analysis techniques to be built, tested and saved with little effort at any time during the mission or at the engineer’s desktop.

IADS ease of use, depth of display capability, and powerful analysis techniques can be used to save time and effort on any test program.

We offer basic, intermediate, and advanced training sessions.

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  • Optimized to meet the needs of flight test programs
  • Identical wide range of display and analysis choices for real-time and post-test
  • Every data point stored with real-time data scroll back for replay and analysis
  • Integrated real-time analysis with derived equations added or modified on-the-fly
  • Event and test point/maneuver marking
  • Scalable with a client/server architecture and workgroup environment
  • Playback mode with identical real-time features
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IADS Real-time and Post-test Display and Analysis Software

Download Data Sheet