Curtiss-Wright Dublin, Ireland

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Dublin office
Curtiss-Wright Dublin, Ireland

Data Acquisition, Recording, and Transmission Systems

Our Dublin office provides instrumentation, telemetry, display and control, communications, recording, airborne high-speed/high-definition imaging, and network-based data acquisition solutions. We offer a wide range of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software products for applications that require reliable, modular, programmable, miniaturized, high-performance, and resilient products.

Data Acquisition
Curtiss-Wright is the world’s leading aerospace data acquisition provider and has been producing systems for decades
Test & Monitoring Recorders
Our products range from miniature avionics bus recorders to high speed, high capacity units with customizable interfaces
Airborne Network Switches
Rugged, deterministic, reliable, fast hard-wired switching with SNMP, GPS, IRIG-B, GbE, and IEEE 1588 PTP, developed for flight test instrumentation.
Space Data Acquisition
Rugged chassis designed specifically with space-related data acquisition, data processing, and recording in mind.

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Unit 5, Richview Office Park,
Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland
D14 X981

Phone: +353.1.2951264
Fax: +353.1.2951265

Certifications and Standards

As a state-of-the-art production facility for commercial, defense, and aerospace products, our Dublin facility hold several certifications, including:

Certifications Description
AS9100D Quality Management
EASA 21 sub part G  Production Organisation Approval
ANSI/ESD S.20-20-2014 ESD Control Certification

Flight test instrumentation

For anything from data capture in the air to replay and analysis on the ground, partnering with the world's leading aerospace data acquisition provider simplifies your design and installation process.