Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing Facility
Canadian Manufacturing

The Ultimate Flexibility to Meet Your Requirements for Canadian or Non-ITAR Content

Our field-proven embedded computing modules and systems can be produced at our facilities in the United States or Canada, giving you the ultimate flexibility to meet requirements for Canadian or non-ITAR content. For Canadian programs, Curtiss-Wright’s ability to design, develop, and manufacture technology on Canadian soil supports the Government of Canada’s Industrial Technological Benefits and Value Proposition (ITB/VP) Program.


Download the Canadian Capabilities Brochure

Download the Brochure
Curtiss-Wright's In-House Manufacturing Capability

Curtiss-Wright's In-House Manufacturing Capability

Aerospace and defense embedded electronics programs need rugged electronics that are able to withstand harsh environments, including shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and corrosive surroundings. They demand the highest levels of quality and reliability and they require quick responses to program issues and to urgent orders. Curtiss-Wright's in-house manufacturing capability delivers a combination of responsiveness, flexibility, and quality that far exceeds anything achievable by contract manufacturing. The video provides an inside look at this facility and some of its advanced equipment.

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