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Fortress FDR 25 product sheet

Fortress FDR-25 provides an aircraft recording solution supporting parametric flight data recording for 25 hours minimum.


PacStar Enterprise CSfC Solutions Product Sheet

PacStar Enterprise CSfC Solutions (ECS) provide gateway services for classified networks using COTS products to meet the security and configuration requirements of the National Security Agency (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program.


PacStar Enterprise IT Solutions Product Sheet

Curtiss-Wright is a leading provider of advanced technical solutions to our military and government customers worldwide.


PacStar Custom Packaging Solutions Product Sheet

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions designs, manufactures and delivers custom suitcasestyle packaging solutions meeting customer requirements for all-in-one small team communications kits and for accessory kits matched with larger complete solutions.


PacStar 400-Series Packaging & Accessories Product Sheet

Curtiss-Wright offers a wide range of packaging solutions and accessories for PacStar® 400-Series modules, transforming individual network modules into complete modular communications solutions.


PacStar 464 Secure Wi-Fi Access Point Product Sheet

PacStar 464 provides Wi-Fi network access, meshing, and client access for secure networks, in a small form factor, rugged, all-in one package.


PacStar SWCP CUI Data Sheet

PacStar’s SWCP CUI system enables wireless and mobility for Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) mobile devices in expeditionary and tactical environments.


PacStar 400-Series Modular Communications Solutions Product Sheet

PacStar 400-Series family of small form factor, rugged, modular communications solutions is designed to maximum capabilities and configuration flexibility, with the smallest SWaP possible.


PacStar SMART Gateway Product Sheet

PacStar SMART Gateway is a small form factor, modular communications package that enables wireless access and services for mobile devices including COTS smart phones and laptops for classified and unclassified networks in tactical and expeditionary environments.


PacStar Tactical Fusion System (TFS) Product Sheet

PacStar Tactical Fusion System (TFS) provides a low SWaP-C, rugged, modular COTS, interoperable family of solutions based on the next-generation models of the field-proven PacStar 400-Series.


Parvus DuraCOR Development Kit (DTK) Product Sheet

SBC Development Kit for Parvus DuraCOR Mission Computers.

Cobra2 Video Windowing Product Sheet

Cobra2 is a high performance, multi-input, video windows processor that can accept up to 12 video inputs per card and select up to four for display as windows on a high-resolution, digital flat panel or analog display.