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Award-winning proven ED-112A flight recorders

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Curtiss-Wright has been a leading designer of proven cockpit voice and flight data recorders for over 60 years. Our Fortress products meet all current and anticipated regulations and are compact with flexible input options.

Addressing Safety and Maintenance Concerns by Combining Flight Recording and Usage Monitoring into a Single Device

Aircraft operators are constantly looking for ways to reduce the size and weight of onboard avionics units. For many operators, a flight recorder is essential to meet regulatory requirements. For many others, it is desirable to improve safety in the long term by having a facility to assess why an incident may have occurred. One strategy to overcome such limitations is to combine functions where possible. This can provide the benefits of multiple units without adding another box onto an aircraft. This white paper discusses how data acquisition functions can be combined into an FR to add a usage monitoring capability without the need for a separate avionics unit.

Mandatory Parameters and Data Storage Requirements for Flight Data Recorders

Flight recorders have helped improve aviation safety since their introduction in the 1950s, providing vital information to ensure that, in the event of an accident, investigators can learn more about the chain of events leading up to it. Flight recorders have evolved over time to meet new regulatory mandates, exploit new technologies, and increase the amount of information available to accident investigators. This white paper examines what parametric data is required by regulatory bodies, how data is processed for FDRs, and what features FDRs need to meet current and future needs.

Powerful Recorder Solution Meets New Rotorcraft Regulations

A rotorcraft manufacturer wanted to upgrade its existing flight data recorder (FDR) to provide its customers with more information to ease maintenance and to ensure upcoming aircraft regulations could be met. Read the case study to learn how they selected a new FDR and what capabilities this gave their customers.


Fortress Flight Recorders Brochure

Aircraft often have safety concerns that can, or in many cases must be addressed with a suitable crash-protected recording solution. Flight recorders can meet these needs, but the introduction of new regulations may mean existing solutions no longer meet the requirements. Other aircraft OEMs and operators find they lack a recording solution with the functionality to help address high maintenance costs. Curtiss-Wright has been designing flight recorders for over 60 years. Fortress, our latest product line, meets all current and anticipated regulations, including ED-112A and 25-hour voice/datalink recording. Additionally, it is a highly flexible platform with the ability to collect and process custom data sets for various applications including maintenance operations.

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