SATA SSDs & Modules

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SATA SSDs & Modules

Rugged, military-grade SATA SSDs & modules

Curtiss-Wright direct-attached storage (DAS) products enable solid-state and rotating media to be incorporated in embedded computing VPX and VXS system solutions for a wide range of applications. Direct attached storage enables data storage devices to attach directly to the host. These data solutions are scalable, which enables the storage of your critical data from multiple Gigabytes up to 64 Terabytes. In addition, some direct-attached storage products feature encryption and sanitization capabilities, like AES-256, allowing you to keep your sensitive data protected.

Modules & Drives

Product Image Product Name Form Factor Standard Interface(s) Capacity Data Sheet
FSM-2 3U 100K SATA 2 TB
VPX6-SBM 6U OpenVPX, VPX PCIe (NVMe) 32 TB, 64 TB
Removable Memory Cartridge (RMC) Other 100K SATA 256 GB,1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 8 TB
XMC-554C Mezzanine XMC SATA 1 TB, 2 TB, 256 GB, 512 GB

Curtiss-Wright is a technological leader in providing COTS products and open architecture solutions for mission computing, signal processing, graphics, communication fabrics, system and sensing I/O, and data storage. Our family of rugged SATA drives enables solid state media to be incorporated in embedded computing solutions for a wide range of applications. Fielded across the world on varying platforms, our rugged SATA solutions enable data storage devices to attach directly to the host, enabling fast communication and low latency. Our scalable solutions provide gigabytes to terabytes of secure data storage, and our removable SSD drives seamlessly integrate with our network-attached storage (NAS) systems.

Curtiss-Wright specializes in products that are deployed in harsh environments typical of Defense and Aerospace applications. In this rugged domain, the depth and breadth of our experience and expertise are unmatched by any other COTS vendor. Curtiss-Wright has developed rigorous procedures including construction analysis, temperature cycling and vibration testing to ensure that all parts meet our exacting requirements.

Data Recording

Ruggedized and secure solutions to encrypt, store, retrieve, transport, and archive maps, mission data, digital video, and intelligence in real-time to support ground force operations.


Reduce Program Costs with Curtiss-Wright System Solutions

Curtiss-Wright offers a complete system of systems integration and support services that reduce interoperability risks, lowers program costs, and accelerates time to market. Our system solutions range from air data computers, to data recording and storage systems, networking and communications, mission computers, and video management systems.

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